Network-Managed LED Panel and Dimmer Switch

eLink offers the ultimate in lighting efficiency and convenience.

Custom installation and support for any commerical office.

Lower Cost

High-efficiency LED panels save energy cost and lower building maintenance expenses

Flexible Deployment

PoE-powered AT model and innovative daisy-chained AC model for new buildings and retrofits

Smart Lighting Controls

Web and mobile app managed smart lighting allows you to control your lights from anywhere

Safety & Performance

LED panels are NRTL listed. The AC powered models are also DLC certified and are eligible for government/utility rebates

Seamless Integration

Depending on the model, these LED panels connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Annual Energy Cost Comparison

The chart below illustrates the total annual energy cost1 of using 750 LED Panels vs. 750 fluorescent troffers (four tubes per troffer) to light a 3,000 m2 office over a 12-year span with a rate2 of $0.156/kWh. As the chart shows, LED Panels use considerably less energy than T8 tubes and have a significantly lower energy cost per year.

1. The figures shown assume each lighting fixture is on for 3,600 hours/year.

2. Energy rate is average commercial rate for California as of May 2018. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


eLink Systems will replace all of your exisiting 2’x2’ and 2’x4' panel fluorescent light fixtures with the new Low Energy light panels.